Milling-drilling machines

The milling-drilling machines MP30, MP34 and MP38, natural evolution of the copy router, are solely conceived for the milling and the triple drilling needed to insert a window handle and its mechanism.

Strong and fast, with a highly efficient working cycle, they are the ideal for high workloads too. Thanks to their semi-integral protection which helps loading and unloading the profile, comfort is guaranteed and the operator is always protected!


Milling Drilling Machine (Semi-automatic)

MP38 MP34 MP30


Alu, Pvc



Stroke [mm]




80 50

Power [kW]

1 1,1

Rpm [n-1]

18.000 2.800


Stroke [mm]





Power [kW]


Rpm [n-1]


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If you produce pvc windows, the ideal choice are the M30 and MP34 which quickly produce the slot with a disc milling cutter and the triple drilling with the vertical unit.

Do you have to perform the cut-outs for a window handle and its mechanism on aluminium profiles? If so, the MP38’s candle shaped milling cutter will enable you to easily work the profile’s internal edges.

The MP milling machines “line 40” are designed to mill the slot for the installation of the ventilation grill.

Thanks to the automatic cycle and the presence of 4 motors, the MP44 can mill two pairs of slots on two opposite sides of the profile, whereas the MP422 enables you to mill two pairs of slots on two contiguous sides of the profile.