Corner cleaning machines

Compact and easy to use, the entry level corner cleaning machines are conceived to clean the pvc welded corner and to perform the automatic work cycle with a simple control. They are equipped with a centring device that sets the profile corner precisely in place.


Cleaning Machines (Automatic)

PL16 PL14 PL15 PL13





Mills group (with rapid change*)

3 2 1

Power [kW]

1,5 1,1

Rpm [n-1]


Gasket groove cleaning drills


Power [kW]


Rpm [n-1]


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Do you want to be free to choose among different cleaning cutter units? The PL13, with pneumatic rapid change, is surely the right machine for you!

If you have to clean the gasket groove, the PL15, our top-of-the-range machine, is highly recommended.

Do you usually work with 2 or 3 cutter units? In this case, you can choose between the PL14 and PL16!

The PL12 (without CE mark), together with the M7CRH, is meant for those who are just starting their business. You will be able to clean the pvc welded corner in two steps, with a small budget.