Water slot machines

Water slot machines are designed to carry out the water slot milling. Our range is composed of two machines with semi-automatic cycle and one with manual feed.


Water Slot Machines

WS40 WS42 WS30






N° of motors

4 4 3


0,55 0,55 0,55

Rpm [n-1]

18.000 18.000 18.000

Slot lenght [mm]

 0÷50  0÷50  0÷50



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All water slot machines are equipped with high frequency motors, designed by our technical department, which are noiseless and extremely reliable.

Up to an average workload, the manual WS30 enables you to work with simple movements, that can be easily repeated.

Do you have very high workloads? You can invest in the semi-automatic WS42: strong, rapid and highly ergonomic: have you ever seen a 4-motors water slot machine so easy to set up? A must, also available in the WS40 version with complete fairing.